Who is Ashlee??

Welcome to The Ashlee Witham Foundation. The sole purpose of this website is to honor Ashlee in life and after death. Ashlee lived a life worthy of celebration. The intent of this website is to celebrate her life, let her voice speak and to give voice to victims of domestic violence. The wounds of Ashlee's passing are still very fresh. Ashlee's friends and family will work to heal and it is their hopes that living and sharing through this website will be one way to do so.
 Ashlee's family believes she would want to use her life story to encourage others. Ashlee was a person to be celebrated.  

Ashlee might have fallen victim to this terrible act 
of violence at twenty six years of age but her legacy will live on and she will have her opportunity to speak. Ashlee will have a voice to speak out in order to tell her story and plead her case. She will be able to make a difference in the world even after death. She has already done so. Ashlee's family describes her as a "vibrant and loving person". "Ashlee was very much a family person. She loved being a mother to her two children (ages three and six years old). Her children were her life. She had a very tight family full of cousins, aunts and uncles. She also had one sister. Her family was a huge part of her life."

Ashlee is known for her passion for singing. "She loved to sing. She sang at her own wedding and at a family reception. She expressed herself through her voice." This is exactly why her family believes that Ashlee will live on through these pages. These pages will serve as her voice and for the voice of those who love her. Her legacy and the voice of those who love her will speak through the "Ashlee Speaks" pages of this website which are soon to follow. 

More About Ashlee:

"She loved fried pickles and was a great cook. She loved bold eye shadow and anything glittery. She had a real passion for country music."
 Ashlee was very close to her Nanny who is described as a "very strong woman and is known as the backbone for the Witham family". Ashlee was a "typical Witham". Those who knew her well described her as a giver. "She would give you the shirt off her back, take you in and help any stranger in need. She had a heart of gold and passion for people. Like any of the Witham's, she was a mother to many. She was very adventurous and always up for anything. She loved being spontaneous and doing anything new."

Ashlee was a believer in the family unit and she believed in doing whatever it took to hold the family together. Her family described Ashlee as "someone who held her own". "She was loud and bold yet at times soft and sensitive. She was full of life at the time of her death on February 19, 2013. She was often known for showing her tender kindness while wearing her heart on her sleeves. She would cry easily at times and be very emotional but she did not express herself in anger. She was a pure heart and kind soul." Although the circumstances in which Ashlee's life ended were indeed very tragic and heart breaking, this website, while in its infancy, is to serve as a voice for Ashlee and all victims of domestic violence. More to come.....


Email: info@theashleewithamfoundation.org

The Ashlee Witham Foundation is partnering with victims of Domestic Violance and we would appreciate your partnership in supporting Women who are breaking the chains of Domestic Violence.

Donations can be made at any First Tennessee Branch to "The Ashlee Witham Foundation". We are also soliciting volunteers who can devote time, talents or resources to this cause! You can make a difference!
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